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Found 1 result

  1. Lking

    Latest Dumb spam

    In this morning's batch of comment spam on one of my forums I found the following. The extortion was posted by two users. This format is the output of a my utility that scrapes the phpBB data base to find all the new post needing review. If I think it is comment spam, with one click I report it to StopFormSpam and knujon. Username: SpamStopcred User email: vladik_3x{AT}mail.ru and Username: StopSpamtig User email: seiky-kun{AT}mail.ru User IP: (Project Honey Pot query) Results: 3 days 39 score Suspicious Comment Spammer number of Post: 1 Profile website: SUBJECT: forum administrator. TEXT: Dear site administrator , you are in my base spam forums that would keep your site from spam you need to transfer to my account 10 $ , and you will not get spam advertising messages on your forum! payment requisites: PayPal.com - stopspamscript[at]gmail.com After your payment in the amount of 10 $ you need to write the address of your site and send it to my e-mail: stopspamscript{AT}gmail.com and I will remove your site from its list of spam advertising messages on your forum . All important questions you can send me on my e-mail: stopspamscript{AT}gmail.com