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Found 2 results

  1. We were fairly free of spam from a set of domains for quite a while, but now they seem to be back with a vengeance. Anybody else notice? anti-spam (@) ns (dot) chinanet (dot) cn (dot) net spam (@) jsinfo (dot) net abuse (@) 12321 (dot) cn postmaster (@) jsinfo (dot) net abuse (@) jsinfo (dot) net spam (@) ccert (dot) edu.cn
  2. I have been getting a lot of various spam/phishing emails from different domains using different IPs that all lead to NGTC as host. They have a block of IPs ranging from [] to [] and are from China. They apparently host 14 domains and have 118 of those IPs active, and of those another 59 have browsers, but they are not listed as a host provider. Thing is that is all I can find out about them. None of the emails originate from any of the active IPs. When doing a search for New Guoxin Telecom Corporation I only come up with addresses, from them, that other people are complaining about getting spam from. It is one of seven of the largest IP blocks in China, none any larger, and China has 6361 blocks assigned to them. I do not want to block the whole range, that would only succeed in Me not getting the emails. The emails will would still continue to be sent to others. Spamcop is only sending reports to the Chinese Government, and I don't think they care about what kind of emails some dumb American is receiving. I have helped to get 5 of the last 42 domains suspended thru their registrar, because they where blacklisted (that's the only time the registrar will help). Now the spammers have just changed name providers, and close the domain(s) more quickly to avoid being on the blacklist. Spamcop has helped me a lot in reducing the volume of spam that I receive. I have gone from 80 a day to around 3 a day, in the last month. So, how do I help Spamcop to keep up with Chinese spammers that are moving so quickly? And, how do you shut down spam that originates from a non-existent company? Sorry, I thought I was posting this in the lounge.
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