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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I know link parsing is not a priority, but just wanted to let you know I stumbled across this form of obfuscation and the parser isn't able to resolve it. https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6391931374z25da662a83188372c4e31b42ff418ba1z Thanks.
  2. If you are aware of a problem in multiples of thousands and do absolutely zip- zero about it and allow fraud and theft to take place- well I think a class action lawsuit might be in order again these entities. It does not take a genius to figure out that these examples (of hundreds) are not the email address of anyone on this planet: (ad0657j4nz0arvy41z6o54)@(4f2bc64.adviceselectivebat.com) ( ad065zydzt0bu04glhjhck)@(8afe03a.adviceselectivebat.com). I have received hundreds of theses- all originating form a gmail related account and actually coming from the Chinese qq.com. All sexual nonsense about dating sites. Spamcops has reported this - well I have no idea how many times to axtelipmaster@gmail.com and qq (doubt they even care) and gmail does nothing. Yahoo will not adjust their filters, which they could for this and while I know better there are thousands or millions that do not that are being laid open to be taken advantage of. Why do we not bind together and get one of many attorneys to file some law suits that put an end to some of this instead of just letting it go unabated.
  3. Hi all! Sorry if posting in wrong forum - but this one seemed most appropriate at first glance. Since at least few weeks I am experiencing problems with mail delivery. Mails send from GMail and Google Apps users to me (I'm using commercial hosting) are delayed or fail to deliver. Delays are random - from minutes to many hours. After many hours and days spend on tests and analyzing Received headers I found the cause - it turned out, that my hosting company is using SpamCop's blacklists and that some GMail IP addresses has been blacklisted. For example this IP: https://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip= - and many other from range - - which belong to Google and are used by GMail MTA servers. I think that those IPs should be whitelisted (whole: range and probably some other ranges) - because those IPs are used also when normal users (not spammers) send mails using GMail (via both: web interface and SMTP server). If hosting company uses Spamcop's blacklist, mails send from GMail or Google Apps get delayed - even for hours, until Google retries sending them from different IP - one that is not blacklisted. If sender has no luck and Google retries sending message only through blacklisted IPs for more than 24h, then Mail Delivery Subsystem informs, that it failed to deliver mail. It took quite a lot of time for me to find the cause of those delays - since Google and my hosting company weren't very helpful. And now, Google support says it's not their problem, that somebody blacklisted them, while my hosting company insists, that Google and Spamcop should take care of it (but they probably even didn't inform you about the problem, reported by many of their clients). I also see that there are search results for gmail blacklisted by spamcop - some quite fresh, from last few weeks... I'm a little fed up with my hosting company, because I think that they should report (or resolve) such things - as they are users of SpamCop's blacklists - and I'm just their client, that should not care about it at all. At the moment they whitelisted some IPs (not whole range mentioned above) - and delays occur less frequently - but weren't fully eliminated. And they don't want to whitelist anything more - they are just waiting until Google and SpamCop fix the problem. I hope the problem can be solved - otherwise I will have to search for other hosting companies - ones that don't use spamcop's BLs - quite strange criterion... I am aware that according to RFC, mail protocol wasn't meant for instantaneous delivery - but such delays are difficult to accept these days. Regards, Mirek
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