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Name change request - way after the fact


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Received via PM;

It seems that I accidentally used my email address as a user name. Since it would be harvestable by spammers, is it possible to change the user name to simply "<elided>"?

Requested action performed, but it's one of those "probably not much good at this point" deals. Account was generated back in 2004, several posts made over the years. So the data involved has been archived by numerous places, in addition to the possible unwanted harvestng action.

Due to the numerous posts, dating back several years, I'm also going to point out the contents of SECTION 7 - Change of Username .. where additional database work is going to be required to expunge all instances of the original/e-mail address from showing. And ahain, that's just for 'here' .. the archived data may take months to eventually get replaced with a non-e-mail-account-showing version of the Topics/Discussions.

Posting this as yet one more pointer to the problem mode of using an e-mail address as a Display/Login name here. The Forum FAQ entry, Pinned Announcement, previous dialog .... sure seems like there's enough pointers already but ...????

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OK, I'll confess. I'm the one who suggested to the forum member that they change their login name, even after having it that way for years. I just did a google search on the address, and the only hits were here, so while the address may have been picked up by spammers, at least it hasn't been posted in any other search-engine accessible places, so your work in cleaning it out of the forum database might just help the user in the long run.



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