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Re: recent Outlook Reporting issues


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From a PM;

Instructive post (most of which was quoted in your "not gutsy enough" wink.gif summing-up). Well, I guess the bottom line is that Outlook isn't reliable as a reporting tool. (Makes me wonder whether its makers — MS Office, aren't they? — are in league with some major spamming agencies, or whether they just don't care.)

History ..... Outlook/Exchange dates back to the time when Bill Gates was publicly stating that "the Internet" was 5 to 10 years off in the future. It was only when someone pointed to the gazillions of dollars Andreeson (wikipedia says Andreessen) was raking in from the sales of Netscape that Gates realized the error of his ways. Thus begat the infamous browser wars.

Apparently, the Corporate mode of Outlook/Exchange must work great for what it was designed for .. an in-house e-mail delivery/distribution system. The problems elsewhere in the world are trying to relate all of Microsoft's decisions and programming effort based on working in their closed-off campus to the real-world network of other systems that strive to be RFC compliant. Basically, the thought process being, 'we' don't need RFC standards, 'we' at Microsoft make and work with our own standards.

The Internet Only mode of Outlook was a bit of compromise to try to fit in with the rest of the world, but ....

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