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spamcop on Palm Centro

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I installed VERSAMAIL PE on my Centro months ago and thought I had configured it to pull mail from spamcom.net and send through my own domain Lgrossman.com, which is hosted on Dreamhost.

Recently it continued to receive mail but wouldn't send.

After a day of configuring and frustration I have set up two accounts. One for Lgrossman.com (my personal account) and one for spamcop.com. I can now send and receive directly from Lgrossman.com but For a while this morning I think I was able to receive and send through spamcop.net but then something happened and I cannot send outgoing mail any more through that account. I think I screwed it up when I entered my lgrossman address as the reply to in preferences, but deleting that hasn't helped.

I prefer to pull my mail through spamcop because I can easily view held "spam" and delete it from a desk top. My lgrossman account referrs all mail to spamcop so I can get everything through there.

So two questions:

1. How can I simply set up spamcop on my Centro in Versamail PE?

2. How can I set it up to get mail from spamcop and send through lgrossman.com (Some lists won't accept replies if they aren't sent from the email address with which I registered years ago. Too many to reconfigure)

Thanks in advance.


Post relates to: Centro (Verizon)

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Someone who knows more about the mobile mail setup will hopefully come along, but in the meantime have you tried searching these pages? The search box at the top of each forum page. Say with "Versamail".

One of the results is this topic http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=9353 Is anything there useful? Wish I could be of more assistance.

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Definite repeat of Don's words. Spamcop.com is not much cared for in these parts. Note the thrdt of certain logos and emblems, write-ups, etc. A bit of a checkered past, having vhanged hands several times over the last few years.

answers include questions .. what settings have you atually attempted thus far? Have you used the data provided in the HY/Trevor posts about the existence of a 'mobile' interface/connection ... even the Beta SMTP service Pinned entry?

http://forums.palm.com/palm/board/message?...message.id=7999 provides a response to your query there that touches on the above question.

http://kb.palm.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE...case=obj(44996) ofers step-by-step and data needed to install and e-mail account record on the phone. How much of that did or did not work, again noting the suggested failure mode right off the bat of .com vs. .net ....?

Think I'm done tying to do your research for you without any hard data from you.

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