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Can I report directly to SpamCop MX?


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Hi all

I am using a small Python scri_pt to extract spam from my GMail account through IMAP and pass it on using SMTP to SpamCop. Unfortunately Google and my own ISP are putting lower and lower limits to how many mails I am allowed to send and now I am hitting the wall quicker than I am able to report the spam flowing in! :-(

Is the any way I can send the spam directly to mx.spamcop.net?

I have tested and mx.spamcop.net does not support authentication and don't allow relaying - very understandable! :-)

Please what to do?


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Posted into Discussions & Observations > How to use .... Instructions, Tutorials > SpamCop Reporting which carries a description of How to Instructions Only - Problems and issues belong in the other specific Forum sections .... this certainly looks like a question, so moving this to the Reporting Help Forum section with this post.

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