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Unlimited Aliases / Disposable addresses

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Does Spamcop email system support (or plan on supporting) any mechanism where you can have nearly unlimited email aliases to a single account? Say I want to make hundreds of email addresses that all go to the same inbox:










That way if I see a spam source I can kill it by deleting the alias, and more clearly know who to be wary of.

Or maybe this isn't such a good idea for some reason?

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Hey, but will it "be a good idea?"

I don't know, not having ever tried 'disposable addresses'

Since spammers have taken to adding user names to any domain, maybe it is not. OTOH, that's what sneakemail was all about, but I haven't seen any comments from sneakemail users lately.

IMHO, I doubt that spam comes from any legitimate source these days unless it is an infected computer. There is discussion about an email bulk mail service - Constant Contact in another forum which may contradict my IMHO.

However, IME, it would be good to use a disposable shipping address if you are using Amazon.com Marketplace. My shipping address was used with at least four 'fraudulently charged credit card accounts' - kind of hard to change your 'shipping address' if you have lived there for 28 years.

Miss Betsy

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Hey, but will it "be a good idea?"

The difference between sneakemail and spamcop addresses is with sheakemail, you can turn off specific addresses if they start being spammed. With spamcop addresses, you would likely need to setup a filter to stop receiving from a specific address.

I have used both and actually never seen a spam come to either type, but I actually don't deal with many "fringe" types of outfits.

Another thing to be aware of, many web forms and such do not recognize the + sign as being valid even though it is allowed in the RFC's. I've pretty much stopped using them except to automatically categorize my email (children, sports, etc) without getting a seperate account for each.

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