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Bounce error Your email address, xxxxxxxxxxxx[at]yahoo.com has returned a bounce: Subject

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Done - I hope you mean forward as an attachment and not just clicking on the forward button.

Both do the same thing here.

In Thunderbird there is a setting named "mail.forward_message_mode" found in the config editor which, if set to "0", means that ALL forwarded messages are sent as attachments, rather than inline.

You see them as such (as a .eml files in the attachment box) whether you choose to forward via a menu or just by clicking the corresponding arrow button.

I had to set this ages ago, to ensure error-free and easy forwarding of mails to SpamCop.

It now appears to be the default setting as it's not shown in bold, as settings appear when they have been altered by the user or any add-ons.


I have a lot of similar reports to send.

However, they are all complaining thus:-

You appear to be reporting a reply from an ISP as spam!

Are these spam mails that you were sending whilst testing my account?

I've already tried to send a few reports - oops! :blush: but I guess it's okay as they appear to have nowhere to go!

Here is an example of one I haven't tried to send:-


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I don't know there are the two totally different Yahoo ones
Yes. Yahoo is a world wide organization and because of that, there are several Yahoo hosts.

You have two Yahoo hosts registered. YahooMain (14), which is the 14th host registered with our system, and BT Yahoo! Mail (10655), which seems to cover European Yahoo. That looks like an appropriate setup for you.

During the Mailhost system's infancy, we didn't understand the ramifications of letting the system make some of the decisions it did, and we didn't know how to prevent the creation of multiple hosts for the same network.

Our expertise has grown dramatically since then, so we don't have the "multiple hosts" problem as much as the old days, but there isn't any way to eliminate all the extra Yahoo hosts because there are so many different people using them.

- Don D'Minion -


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One thing I did notice - when i received my mailhost bot server confirmations - I receveid both a success and a failure for each one, timestamped the same:-

I tried doing up a FAQ for the MailHost Configuration issues and problems .. stopped when I got no help from those involved. On the other hand, I had collected more than a few notes for this exact scenario ....

FAQ Entry: MailHost Configuration problems

Considering this was started back in 2005 and this exact issue was known then, the "when they find the time" seems a bit silly.

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