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Measure water for rice cooker

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While searching for recipies (and reading some product reviews) I kept coming across statements from folks that expressed concerns about the measuring cups that came with their rice cookers. One brand's cup only measuerd about 3/4 of an actual 'cup' ,, another came in at around 7/8 of a 'standard' cup .. both folks had fears of ever losing that specific measuring tool, wondering just how thry'd use the right amount of rice/water in their cookers.

While stationed in Hawaii, I had a Japanese girl pass on to me the 'easy answer' that has never failed me, using all sizes of cookers from a 3-cup to a 15-cup size (these measurements are for 'cooked' results) Noting also, this data is for 'real' rice, typically sold in plastic or canvas bags (depending on the quantity) ... the crap sold in boxes is far too refined/processed/whatever, such that there is no "sticky" left, which for a guy that can and does use 'chopsticks' is left wondering just how does one actually eat that vague resmblance to something that used to be rice.

Using (extra)long-grain rice, toss the amount desired into the cooking container ... remembering that the rice will ecpand about three times after cooking. So in general, don't go over 1/3 of the space in the container. Rinse once or twice to flush off any dirt, particles, excessive starch, etc. Then fill the container with enough water to touch the first knickle of your middle finger .. inserted vertically into the container and just touching the top of the rice. Place the cover in place, insert to container into the cooker, and fire it up.

As stated above, this works for any size cooker, any amount of rice to be cooked, etc.

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