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I'm getting a lot of these lately

Bill Roberts

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Anyone else having similar issues or have a suggestion on how to handle it better than manually reporting everyone of them?

Hard for us to see in your tracking link (because SpamCop disguises e-mail addresses), but I assume that this is a bounce to a message that was sent to an unused address in your domain due to the fact that the spammer forged this address as his return address. This is an extremely common occurrence.

It would appear that you have a "catchall address" set for your domain that receives all mail sent to the domain, even that sent to nonworking addresses. You should contact your hosting (or mail) provider to have the catchall turned off, this will stop you getting most of these. See this wiki link and this one for more information.

You are also entitled to report these bounce messages via SpamCop since you would not be receiving them if the bouncing mail system were set up properly.

-- rick

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Just to add that, if these are reported some/most reports going to the ISPs (last time I had a heap of them) are tagged "misdirected bounce" to help them on the path to cluesomeness - and IIRC the links offered with the report explain exactly why their practices are deficient and liable to win them time in the SCbl. An incredible number of ISPs still do it though (send out misdirected bounces) Up until the last time I had a heap, many of them were claiming it is a requirement under (thoroughly) superseded rfc822. My own ISP silently filters the things out (somehow) and wouldn't pass them on to me these days unless I was the actual originator of the bounced message. That is addressing the symptom, not the cure but then the cure seems a very long way from happening.

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