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Fuel use accelerating?


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Fuel consumption is in direct proportion to both the number AND size of the spam messages you are reporting.

Have you been tracking the number and size of the messages you report?

Please remember that if you run out of fuel your account simply revert back to a free account. When you add more fuel it reverts back again to a paid account.

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anyone help me figure this out?

Lots of folks here would be willing to try to help. However, you've provided no data to go on. You are the responsible agent for what you submit, what Reports get sent and to where, etc. So, one would have to start with that you would have more of an idea of what has changed in the last couple of weeks than any of the volunteers.

If you can't come up with anything, then it seems like you'd have better luck contacting the paid staff directly.

On the other hand, perhaps checking out SpamCop Reporting Accounts might cause you to select a different type of account that wouild take "fuel" out of the equation.

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Over the past few weeks, my "fuel" has been consumed at a higher value than in previous months, anyone help me figure this out?
Not to worry. You have provided all the data necessary to help you.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything that can be done to help. Nothing has changed on this end. The code that calculates fuel usage hasn't been touched in years. There isn't any way to look back at previous consumption levels, and no way to recalculate your fuel usage.

As dbiel said, the "fuel" is consumed by the byte as you report spam. The more spam you report, and the larger the spams are, the more fuel is used.

If you get into your "Preferences," you can use the "Estimate Usage" link to see the rate at which you are currently consuming fuel. Maybe you could record that info for a while to see how things are going.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -


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