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2009 Anti-spam Comparative Review


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Thanks to user 'Slowered' in grc.spam:


A total of 12 products took part in the anti-spam comparative review, which rated the effectiveness of the products against each other rather than against a fixed standard. The latest edition of the bi-monthly VBSpam tests compared the effective of each of the submitted products in filtering emails from Virus Bulletin's live email stream, combined with a flow of junk mails captured by Project Honey Pot.
Free registration is required to view the actual review at Virus Bulletin - http://www.virusbtn.com/vbspam/results/2009/09

For what it's worth. Probably most people these days already have there mail filtered by their provider (whether they know it or not, some providers just 'drop it on the floor'). I don't know if the comparisons are valid in a pre-filtered environment but anyway those getting loads of spam will be interested.

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