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Trouble reactivating old email account


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Hey All,

A few weeks a ago I tried to reactivate my old account.

Which worked, for about 30 minutes, before claiming to have expired again.

The charge went through according to my bank..

I tried to get in contact through the http://mail.spamcop.net/contact.php page and, eventually, through support at spamcop.net.

But with nothing but automated responses.

No signs of human life at all. I guess they are swamped?

Anyone had similar problems and is there a better way of getting in touch?


The Moog

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9 days, which is a bit long really
Yes, it certainly is. You have ticket number(s) from the auto responses so both contacts evidently got through. I can only suggest that you follow up in whichever way was suggested in the autoresponses (email which includes the autoresponse subject or ticket number I guess) - if you haven't done that several times already. Yes, I guess/know the proprietor is swamped and too many follow-up emails will not be productive so I'm suggesting you shouldn't bombard him.
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