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Minor feature request: Greylisting tools


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Hi guys, I love the new greylisting feature. There are a couple of changes I would like to suggest to the management tools for the pending and rejected entries.

1) Set the default view to sort by date received instead of alphabetically. As the list grows larger--particuluarly the rejected entries list, which in my case grows quite quickly--it is much easier to manage when the entries are sorted by date received. It's easy enough to click "Received" to sort by date, but if that is the most useful view, then I think it should be the default. Or maybe use a cookie to allow the user to set their own default if a system wide change is undesirable.

2) Highlight (via colored text or background or whatever) consecutive greylist entries (when sorted by date) that have the same IP address. I have found that when I sort the rejected entries by date, most of the entries will show up three at a time from the same IP, even though the email domains are different. This is a dead giveaway that the message is spam and does not have to be bothered with. Using this method makes it very easy to quickly filter through the list to see which messages I should potentially pay attention to.

If the IP is not repeated then I take a look at the email address, and if it is not obvious spam, I then do a network lookup on the relay IP via www.network-tools.com to see where the mail came from. Actually, now that I think of it, it may be more useful to highlight entries that are not repeated, since those are the ones I pay attention to.

As a future, potentially much more difficult feature addition, it would be great if the greylist could be set to automatically ignore entries that match the criteria described above for spam: consecutive entries from the same IP with different email domains.

Anyway these feature requests are not critical, they would just make it easier to manage the greylist entries without having to think about them.

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