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[Resolved] Spamcop report bounced back from microsoft


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I received what I see as a bounce to a report I submitted on the site last night:

From: Microsoft Customer Support <report_spam[at]css.one.microsoft.com>

Subject: [spamCop ( id:4799902217]info: =?iso-2022-jp?B..

The following attachment(s) could not be processed by the system: .

Please be aware of the following restrictions on e-mail the system can

accept: 1. File size cannot exceed 1 MB. If you need to send in a larger

attachment, please zip it before that. 2. Only the following attachments

formats are allowed: cab, cap, csv, doc, docx, dotx, eml, err, evt, gif,

gz, htm, html, jpg, log, mht, mp3, mpg, msg, nfo, pcap, pdf, png, potx,

ppt, pptx, psf, pst, pub, rar, rtf, saz, stp, tif, txt, uccapilog, uccp,

vcf, vsd, wdb, wks, wps, wpt, xlr, xls, xlsx, xlt, xltx, xml, xps, zip,

bmp, uccplog. If you need to send attachment in another format please

zip it before that.

Was there a glitch somewhere or did MS just not want to accept this report?

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