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Multiple Account Renewal

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Here's how to renew multiple accounts (in one family) to get the pay-all-at-once discount...

  • Go to the address listed in the renewal notice email:
    (this is the secure version of the URL -- I added an "s" to the "http" and it worked so I'm recommending everyone else do it to encrypt their traffic as well)
  • Enter your username and password, as instructed.
  • Check what's there:
    • If your accounts are already linked, just keep going.
    • If not, then email support at spamcop.net and send all of the usernames so they can link the accounts together.
      Then, the regular renewal link will automatically give you the discount.

And, on a realated note, here's the info on How do I sign up for multiple accounts under the "family plan"? to get yourself started if you don't have the "family plan" yet.

Here was my orignianl post:

I searched and didn't find a thread on this yet, and I have done it before, but can't remember how. 

I want to renew me and 3 other people in my family's spamcop accounts together to get the pay-at-once discount.

I found the "multiple account signup" page at:


but I'm not sure what to do since its a renewal.

I'm going to pay with paypal, so should I just send the $ to an account and put the spamcop addresses in the special instructions?  If so, what's the name of the account to send to?


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Ok, I'll email them and post the results to help future users.

the results are at the top of this thread now!!

...Thanks for posting the conclusions! :D

...Sure wish you'd posted them at the end, rather than at the beginning, though ... VERY confusing!

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