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dnsbl lookup hit and miss counters

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a few counters (in the free account area) so that the following can be seen:

a. the number of spamcop dnsbl lookups done by your mail server that returned a positive response (so to guage the number of email blocked by your mail server)

b. number of dnsbl lookups that were negative responses (so that white list efficiency can be guaged)

This does however rest upon some mechanism so that spamcop knows which account performed the lookup.

several ways to do this are (not without perhaps problems):

1. a user specific version of bl.spamcop.net (ie username.bl.spamcop.net)

2. your mailserver external ip that did the lookup being recorded by spamcop and a reverse lookup done (would only work on ip with relevant ptr data - ie no dialup accounts would have correct ptr) to try an assertain the spamcop account or a direct request to that ip and ask the mail server its name (would need to be set also, would not probably report multiple domains - though constant chatter to mailservers to find their names would be excessive and likely to an unreliable method).

Alternatively a DIY log report from own mailserver logs would show a. but not b., but b. would be guageable via dns logging or just knowing how many email addresses / email domains that email is recieved from that are not in the whitelist. Very doable in small environments but I imagine larger environments may 'prefer' stats from spamcop its self.

So really the feature request mainly comes down to floating the idea of account specific bl.spamcop.net blocklist address - (see 1.) and two potential uses for that feature (see a. and b.).

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