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News for Cox Cable users - missing spam reports


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Wazoo: In reply to your question about being able to read and understand this post, I will quote your suggestion on what to try nextSeems mighty clear to me!!!!!

It appears that she is a hopless soul.

Definitely needs more hops! Probably drinks Spudweiser, or Spud Lite.

A good homebrew might do a world of good. :P

By the way, what is all this talk about service paid for and not received all about anyway (no need to respond)

$30.00/year for email service

minimial fee for fuel for paid reporting service or free if you wish

How much tech support do you think $30.00 should buy anyway?

I wonder how much legal advice this supposed land-shark would give, or how much she would expect to receive, for $30? And how good would that advice be?


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May 8, 2007

Forwarded without comment...

A Cox user told me this...

"forwarding to Spamcop for reporting is no longer allowed as of

05/03/07. Talking with a Cox representative, they feel this is simply

a duplication of their already superior services! I may report

suspected errors in their spam filtering to help enhance their system,

but from now on things will be done their way only."

Miss Betsy

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