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Website says "No userid found"


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I just tried to access the web submission site(via the link from my registration confirmation) and it returned with the error:

"No userid found"

"Your authorization code is invalid. Please obtain a new authorization code. "

But, I just used this account all this morning up to 1 hour ago using the same link.

Any suggestions?

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I have seen the loss of the user ID a lot. It has never meant that I needed a new authorization code. Reloading the page with the authorization code in the URL has always brought back whatever state information that spamcop had lost.

Further complicating it is that after doing that spamcop sometimes further loses the login state. The page shows that I am logged in but when I paste in the spam and submit it I get the deliberate delay for nonpaid users. When the report options page comes up it is (under normal, working conditions) back to recognizing my login settings.

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