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Habul (Thunderbird add on)


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how I must set Habul (Thunderbird add on) to send you spam reports?

Hi Fab!

Thanks for being interested in submitting reports to SpamCop. I can't locate any instructions for habul... Was there nothing provided with the software? I don't have Thunderbird to install the add-on but...

What I could find leads to me to suspect that you'll need to paste your private reporting Email address in the SpamCop configuration section of the add-on. Thereafter I'd imagine it would be a case of invoking the add-on whenever you are viewing a spam Email.

If you don't have a reporting address then you'll need to register on the main SC website.


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Hi, Fab!

...Web page "HabuL :: Add-ons for Thunderbird" has a link labeled "E-mail your question" under heading "Need help with this add-on?" I'd suggest you try asking your question there. The developer (link from Thunderbird Habul page labeled "Developer legolas558") has a "Homepage" link and that Home Page has a link labeled labeled "Contact."

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Thanks for making me aware of HabuL. I'm the author of the similar SpamCopper addon, but I haven't had time to update it for newer versions of Thunderbird. HabuL, a fork of Habu, formerly known as Okopipi, is similar, but provides for more destinations when submitting spam.

To configure HabuL, open up the Addons window in Thunderbird, scroll down to HabuL in the list, and click the Options button. This will allow you to add your SpamCop ID and select which destinations you'd like to send reports to.

Once HabuL is configured, you can customize your toolbar by right-clicking on it, then drag the Report button to your layout. When you click the Report button, it will create a new email to all of your specified destinations, and attach all emails in the current folder marked as spam.

Just mark the emails as spam (hopefully Tb's filter will have done this for you already), hit the Report button, verify the recipients, and hit Send (for security reasons, Tb is not allowed to automatically send emails).

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