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Handling of some Accounts


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Several Accounts have been moved into Banned status. Users involved attempted an "e-mail account change" action, but never followed up on that sequence of events. One chose to use a known non-functional address, so the corresponding e-mail to 'confirm the action' was never received. Others used a 'new' GMail account. Several advisory/request-for-followup e-mails were sent by myself and Farelf, sent from a spamcop.net account, GMail accounts, Yahoo accounts (attempting to work around any possible 'move to spam/junk/trash Folder actions) with absolutely no response from these folks. Could pretend that these folks set their GMail Accounts up to 'automatically delete' anything looking like spam, but ?????? Timeframes involved range from 220 days to over a week. So if you're one of these folks and are wondering why your Account was Banned .....

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