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POP log in from webmail

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I found a solution for quick handleing from an imap account I cannot forward from...I made an imap.spamcop.net acount and I highlight and drag to it from the other imap account...tested it and seems to work seemlessly...

I still have a problem logging into the pop account from the webmail..any ideas? I have exhausted any combination possible!

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Can you POP that account from an email client such as Thunderbird, Mozilla, or Outlook?

if so then login to webmail and go to:

and only put in your "POP Server" (copy and paste it out of the email client), "Username", and "Password".

If it doesn't work at this point, it will give you an error message. I am assuming that your "cannot find server" message was seen on this page.

If you see it again, then maybe email support at spamcop.net

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Everything worked well until sometimes yesterday. When I drag the spams from my ISP imap account (in OE) into the imap.spamcop acount and then go to webmail to report them, only a few make it to the held mail page, even though they all show in the wbmail/inbox and are trashed after check and report as spam...

Can anyone enlighten me of this mistery? Up to that point all e-mails that I reported made it to the reporting page.

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