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[Resolved] try again later

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I am trying to configure my school mail. I know the server is very badly configured, but they won’t listen to me, so nothing to change there. Hopefully somebody can help to get Spamcop Mailhosts configured correctly. I tried sending a test mail several times, each time I get this error:

Sorry, all tests failed.

We cannot deliver mail to the address you provided: hmaryns[at]vrijeschoolhaarlem.nl. Double check the address provided or try again later. Your mailhost appears to be offline.

Detailed errors:

Connecting to mailgw1.digitalus.nl.:

smtpSend:smtpEnd: message transmission failed: 450 4.4.5 try again later #553 (n1DKpH191415013300)

Connecting to mailgw2.digitalus.nl.:

smtpSend:smtpEnd: message transmission failed: 450 4.4.5 try again later #553 (n1DKpN187024319700)

Sometimes, mailservers are temporarilly unavailable. If you believe you have entered your email address and other details correctly, you might just wait a few minutes (or 24 hours) and try again.

Any suggestions?

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I have exact the same problem with digitalus

How can I solve tis issue ?

Your ISP or you have "Greylisting" on

(turn it off temporarily if you have this option, it should be in your spam filter)

450 4.4.5 try again later #553

This is an alternate response issued by grey-content after the grey-temp-fail-period when the hashed message content does not match previously saved message hash.

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