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Mail in black list


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Kind time of day!

I have following problem: the worker e-mail is blocked, and as I am not strong in English it is impossible to solve a problem independently. Help, please, if can. tf-siak[at]ttknet.ru

ÐачальÑтво прижимает, Ñ…Ñлпуйте плизики )

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What is the server name or IP address blocked?

mail.ttknet.ru ( looks to be OK in SpamCop (bl.spamcop.net). It is listed in other blocklists - see http://multirbl.valli.org/dnsbl-lookup/ - you will have to follow those links to see what the problem is with them, we do not know.

I think the ones to be concerned about are



Others might cause problems for you but are probably not as important - but information from them might help find out what is wrong with your server. If the problem is a virus or trojan then you might find you will be added to more blocklists over time.

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