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I'm a little bit baffled about how and where (if anywhere) on the news.admin.net-abuse.* newsgroups it would be appropriate to forward Spamcop reports.

It sounds like the appropriate place for reporting spam, in particular spamvertisements for spammer-friendly web- and e-mail hosting, would be news.admin.net-abuse.sightings.

But it appears that n.a.n-a.s wants the original spam, not a Spamcop report.

Is that the case?

It would be *very* convenient if it accepted forwarded Spamcop reports but sampling it for a couple of days I don't see any. I think it is robo-moderated, so anything not conforming to the bot's format rules is not posted. Is there anyplace that gives a concise summary of how to format a forward of an original spam so that it meets the bot's formatting requirements?

Thanks in advance for any pointers...

-- Phil

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