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No reporting addresses for, bonus-site.net

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For months I've been getting spam from bonus-site.net, When I report it, SpamCop says "No reporting addresses found for". What's the problem here? Are there really no responsive upstream providers?

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The important thing is to make your submissions and complete reports, even if they go "nowhere". Whether or not they get the courtesy of a SC report is minor - maybe they don't want them. Your submissions and devnulled reports still affect their reputation (but no single reporter can get them listed on the SCbl).

Looks like SC knows about hostnoc.net and that is sort of the "upstream" - it is a /16 (IP addresses - I can't see what over-rides there are but maybe the SC cache needs a tickle

whois.arin.net says

RAbuseEmail: nic[at]hostnoc.net which SC has and discards. But it also says

Comment: Abuse Dept: abuse[at]hostnoc.net

I don't know where abuse[at]burst.net comes from but I do know there will be a good reason why reports there are disabled. Only a staff member would know the reason.

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