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Bad Email Addresses


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Situation arose in that some users had "subscribed" to receive notifications of new Posts/Topics into various Forum sections. However, for whatever reasons, they changed, dropped, whatever the e-mail address used to Register to this Forum. Unfortunately, the error messages involved went to an address that apparently has been 'adjusted' to ignore the spam. Haven't heard back from either JT ot the support person, but it seems an easy assumption that the other server reacted to all these 'bad email address' notifications and tossed them into the grinder. Unfortunately, that address is still used in other parts of this Forum app, and it was just brought to my attention that these functions are now broken as well.

My work here ....

  • cleared out the spool files that have held and caused the repeated attempts to send the notifications to the configured-from-day-one address.
  • configured a new Group with much modified Permissions in hopes of gettting the attention of these users.
  • modified those user accounts to move them into this new Group.

Normally, a PM would be sent to advise these users of the actions performed. However, in most cases, this would also caise an e-mail to be sent to notify the user that there was a new PM. Note: the reason for all of this is because they have a bad address in thier Registration data here. Why start another cycle of garbage traffic between the systems involved here?

So, if you log on and only see a couple of Forum sections, check your "Group" assignment, see the 'Bad Email Address' tag, ... fix the problem. You'll probably want to send a PM to the Forum Admin to advise that you have handled it. Noting for instance that one user Subscribed to several Forum sections asking for notifications of any and all new Topics, Posts, etc. several years ago, yet has only Posted here less than a half-dozen times .. and at this point, not having any idea how long ago the Registered e-mail address went 'bad' .... I don't feel the need to add another chore to my task list to notice that 'you' got around to fixing the problem. I'm actually thinking that in all likelyhood, I'll probably never here from you, as you have moved on, dropped out, whatever.

However, just in case, this Announcement has been offered. I probably should add this to the Forum FAQ but it just seems so obvious that no one reads it <g>

Follow-up depends on what JT/support has to say. Obviously, the 'system address' needs to be updated. Yeah, I suppose I could change it to one of mine, but .... it's not my system, I only get to 'play' here. <g>

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