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ESP Abuse Desk needs info badly.


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Greetings all, first time poster here.

So, I'm with a small ESP that caters to small and medium business.

Somehow spammers seem to get through our system, and we would like to get rid of them, the boss doesn't care about the bottom line when it comes to abuse, spammers are bad for business, period.

I have entered all of our sending IPs into SpamCop's aggregate reporting system, but I'm looking for more info.

Sometimes the ISP(s) do not give us any report even when I can see the IP is being reported from SpamCop. =(

I would like to see a report that lets me know which is a complaint and which one is a trap. I don't want any addresses because that defeats the purpose of having spam traps. But if a report could be available that gives us the subject line of the email that was reported, I could terminate these accounts.

Thanks in advance, for any help/info you guys can give.


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Hi, RJ, welcome!

...First: a big thank you to you and your boss for caring about spam. Note that when you get rid of spam you also potentially get rid of a huge resource hog on your resources, including not only network bandwidth, hardware and software but also you and your colleagues' time to deal with it, so getting rid of it isn't merely cost, there's some green dollars benefit to it, as well!

...Next: please see the quote from "Ellen"in contributor "dbiel" post in SpamCop forum "thread" "spam Traps." Does that sufficiently answer your question? If not, please post further here.

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Thanks for info Turetzsr!

So as I understand it, if a trap is hit, SpamCop will provide some info, if we contact a SC admin. That's good to know.

Now when we see an aggregate report it looks like this:

IP_Address Start/Length Trap User Mole Simp Comments


XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX Jun 5 15h/2 0 3 0 0


XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX <- IP address

Jun 5 <-- is the Start

15h/2 <-- is the Length, that means 15 hours in 2 days?

0 <-- # of traps

3 <-- Moles

0 <-- Simps

0 <-- Comments

xxxxxxxx.com <-- RDNS

....am I reading this right?

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