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Are all these spam by SpamCop definition?


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In other words, is it OK to report these?

I get these emails via craigslist. They respond to my ads as follows:


you should call me 261-8613 Harley Davidson FXDL


Im sold call me 174-7834 Pair of Large Pleated Drapes


How are you don't forget call me 336-4998. th of july giants tickets


Hi pls call me 580-1700. True Reachin Freezer


Hi be advised call me 541-9564. Tule car top carrier Space Case


The random part behind the phone number is always hidden, written in white font on white background.

The area code is always missing.

Thank you!

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It is okay to report spam, regardless of the source. If craigslist is being used as a relay for spam they need to know about it. I think they probably do know in the general sense, having blocked SC/cesmail on occasion, which is no substitute for at least banning the spam senders once those are identified and with evidence provided - with the help of SC reporters. No doubt they are not an open (promiscuous) relay as such, so maybe SC punches through to actual originator's service, I don't know.

But it is okay to report spam, even if craigslist finds it "inconvenient" or outside of their business model. Your reports are anonymous to the recipient but those recipients (such as craigslist) can still reply to you via SC if they want to try persuading you to of some other course of action. Your reports cannot, by themselves, put any craigslist server on the SCbl.

What you should NOT report is covered in On what type of email should I (not) use SpamCop?.

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Man! It works, I just got this email from ISP:


...Wow, that's impressive -- I rarely (never?) get anything that positive! Of course, you only have their word for it. But it's still a lot more than any other admin usually says. :) <g>
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