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theplanet.com ignoring my abuse reports


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Hi, spam-haters:

I used to do business with a reputable company on the net. They provide a service and I spent a LOT of money with them. Two years ago, I stopped and unsubscribed. "Unsubscribe" means "Remove me from your mailing lists," or least it did up until July 14th. That's when that company sent me a message entitled "We miss you!" (I'm sure they miss my money!) I duly reported it via SpamCop, where much to my disgust, I discovered the report went to abuse at theplanet.com. (They've NEVER, ever helped with abuse reports I send, and I was surprised that when I did a search before posting this, I found a recent thread in "SpamCop Discussion > Discussions & Observations" called "SpamCop Reporting Help" where they apparently *did* deal with an abuse report -- incorrectly, but there are, I gather, people there reading and dealing with abuse reports. Just not mine. (sigh))

Ever since the 14th, they've continued to pester me, and I've continued to report them. The reports go to both theplanet.com and to GoDaddy.

I went to their blog and reminded them that they're sending UCE and the FTC says I may have as much as $16,000 per message and they'll need to PayPal cash along with each message from now on. My post has been awaiting moderation for a week now (rolling eyes). I've not been PayPaled a cent yet.

I can get even in such a way as to make my stomach feel better and make them sorry they ever dragged out that archived list to pester, but I like to try to do things the right way first. *Is* there a right way? CAN I get the attention of theplanet.com? Or is this a lost cause and I should just go hardcore on 'em now?

I'd be grateful for your advice!

PS: Can I simply click "unsubscribe"? Of course I can, but I did that two years ago, and look where I am now. For all I know, these men have been selling my address in these two years, or leaving it unsecured so it can be stolen. They need to know that "Unsubscribe" means "DELETE IT FOREVER, not "Archive it until such time as you need an influx of cash."

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Hi, Binky,

...The best you can do is to keep reporting them, hope others do the same and they wind up on the SpamCop blacklist and they start getting complaints from paying customers, causing them to care. Unfortunately, spam is a fact of life in today's e-mail world. It simply costs too much and there is too little meaningful law for anyone who doesn't have very deep pockets to get anywhere. Going hardcore on them without spending a lot of time and money isn't likely to accomplish anything worthwhile and may actually do more harm than good.

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