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How to report this spam


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How do i report this spam for 44244.net


It Is Time to Indulge Yourself

From First name


Last Name

Discounts on Every Wrist Watch

Email added hashes in case its hac acc.


Email Body

Replica Watches


Im now not just getting russian spam, but now the chineese or is it japan. None of that turns up when i submit, i feel like editing the email so the link will appear, but then thats not the oprig email, what do i do? Allow the spammer to find a loop hole to continue spamming? I hate this , some where in there is the IMG tag

[spam headers and body removed - see


for content]

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You need to send a manual report. SC is interested in the sending (IP) address and "spamvertized sites" are very much a secondary concern. Other spam-fighting outfits concentrate on those. In this instance SC isn't much use even in finding a reporting address for 44244.net - http://www.spamcop.net/sc?track=44244.net

You might try ip-adm[at]hanaro.com but hanaro.com is not famous for its spam control - some might say it even aids spammers. See http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=11927 for some recent discussion (and a suggested alternative toolset to tackle this sort of case - though I don't think it would help with HTML "pictures" of the spam domain).

Please don't paste your spam here. Often we need to see what the parser sees and for that you need to post the Tracking URL, per the posting guidelines for these forums, like this one which is something like the one you would have for that instance -

http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5075253461zd...1f01207596bbadz ("View entire message" link).

Since that contains the data you posted I will now remove that from your post. Most who come here see enough of that stuff already, without confronting it directly in these pages, honest.

You mustn't modify your spam submissions to "help" the parser find the links. That's a "cardinal sin" for reporters, something you effectively agree not to do when you become a reporter. Also, it is generally NOT a good idea to read HTML-rendered spam. You might leave yourself open to attack/data mining via any embedded nasties they might choose to include within the HTML code. Besides, you'll go blind. :P

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Oh, according to http://www.malwareurl.com there are 1148 other bad domains hosted at that same Hanaro internet address I don't think reporting to Hanaro is going to do much good (might even do you some harm). Many of those domains have the same registrant as 44244.net, so she isn't going to be any help, nor the registrar (who is either complicit or incompetent). You might look at http://www.surbl.org/ and http://www.uribl.com/ (block lists) to see if you can contribute there. Then there's http://www.complainterator.com/ - mentioned by petzl in that other discussion in these forums that I linked to above and that one takes an active role in shutting down these crooks. So too does http://knujon.com/ - they accept spam samples.

The probable difficulty with all of them is the HTML table graphics form of the advertizing payload - but I haven't looked into that.

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