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Dell Baseboard Management Controller


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I have a Poweredge 2900 server that has been "acting up" (freezing up to the point it needs a power-cycle to bring it back up.) It has a Dell Baseboard Management Controller in it, which I would like to be able to use since I live an hour's drive from work. I followed the instructions sent to me by a Dell sales-support geek, but it's not working. I have even updated the firmware on the server and it's not working. Now, the only thing I can think of to try that I have NOT tried is rebooting the server. I don't want to do that during the day as it's a "live" server and I don't want to disrupt things too much.

Any ideas?


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Well, if your server is fully managed server, then you should seek help from technical support dpt. of your web hosting provider but after reading your post I think you are using unmanaged server hosting. In this case you can take the risk of restarting server at the time when the traffic is very low. If your website is a business website them I would suggest you to inform your visitors in advance through a notification about prior unavailability.

You can also find some information over Dell BMC System at :- http://forums.host.co.in/showthread.php?t=...p=9173#post9173

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