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Encouraging Reply from Yahoo UK


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...Wow, considering that Yahoo US refuses e-mail complaints, Yahoo Japan replies in Japanese and Yahoo Hong Kong replies in Chinese, this is amazingly refreshing!

From: UK Abuse [mailto:uk-abuse[at]cc.yahoo-inc.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, 07 September, 2011 1:58
To: <me>
Subject: Re: spam I Received with a yahoo.co.uk Reply-to Address (KMM97615374V75064L0KM)


Thanks for writing to Yahoo! UK & Ireland Customer Care.

Thank you for reporting this to Yahoo!. It is prohibited to send unsolicited or "spam" email from a Yahoo! Mail account as agreed by new users when accepting the Yahoo! Terms of Mail Service Agreement.

In this particular case, we have identified the account used to send this email and have taken the appropriate action to prevent it from being used again to send spam mail.

In the future, if you receive an unwanted email message that appears to originate from a Yahoo! Mail account, please forward the message with full headers directly to us at:


For further information about this specific type of fraud, please see:


Thanks again for writing to Yahoo! UK & Ireland Customer Care.


Yahoo! UK & Ireland Customer Care


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I guess it indicates those other countries have "telecommunications" regulations with specific obligations and consequences for ESPs, a "mixed blessing" to be sure :P Or maybe Yahoo's amazing anti-spam technology in the USA is not exportable/transferable. <_< Or the beancounters' bottom line rules in the world of US commercial enterprise. Or all of the above. Refreshing contrast certainly, but I don't quite find it amazing, really.

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