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[Resolved] Webmail down?

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Can someone tell me how the Subject: line in this thread got marked "Resolved"? Because the situation is certainly not resolved. None of my folder structure and old emails have come back.
...:D <big g> For those who feel this is a serious question: it is answered above by DT here: 79180[/snapback] and reprised in different words by me here: 79190[/snapback].
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You want to know what I think is funny? It's that the worst data loss and interruption of service in the history of SpamCop/CES Mail is underway, and we're here talking about the niceties of marking Resolved an issue of service loss from the day before the big failure. By all means, onward with our netiquette! Anyone care for a scone?

Guess what, if the current problem is not fixed before too long, we're not going to have to worry about the particulars of managing this forum.

Yeah, sorry, the issue this topic was opened to address may be resolved, but when a customer logs in to the forum system to find out what the heck is going on with the mail, and this topic appears at the top of the queue with its title seemingly addressing the current problem, it's natural for them to dive in here and ask WTF is going on.

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Because *this* topic is from the Sunday/Monday outage, *not* the current one. That outage was resolved early Monday morning (US EDT) and so a forum moderator marked it "RESOLVED." When the new outage started, a new topic was started by a user, here:

Webmail down AGAIN?


and then an official thread was started by "email_support" here:

Email system outage


thereby making posting in this already-resolved topic not such a helpful thing, as it has now led to your confusion. Far better for people to use the more current threads, IMO.


Thanks David, I understand now. More clear is more better. Thanks again.

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