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[Resolved] Held Mail doesn't delete

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When they recreated our accounts, they didn't create Trash folders. Have you created one and made sure that it works (in the Mail Options) before trying the action you described?

(on edit) And is there a reason you're not using *this* url instead?


That appears to be the one customized for use by those of us with SC email accounts, yes? I just used that URL and performed the procedures you described and the reported item properly disappeared.


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So I go here: http://www.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog

1) choose action of 'Queue for reporting and move to trash'.

2) I select everything I want reported.

3) Release/Delete selected messages

Thing is, it gets to the queue but NEVER GETS DELETED Whats up with that?

Same thing here.

I 'fixed' it by going to webmail and reporting from there. That created a TRASH folder and subsequently works ok.

Up until just now, when I keep getting 'cannot login to IMAP' errors....

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