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Gmail now hiding original IP?


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Most interesting thing happened.

I use three addresses for my business, two Gmail and one through my webhost.

Very often I get a spam sent to all three and I "view source" and report the lot. Last time I did so was about four days before Christmas.

Today I get spam and Spamcop processes the one sent through my own webhost OK, but said the following on the two received through Gmail: discarded

No source IP address found, cannot proceed.

Nothing to do.

This was one of the spams:


According to the parser, which handled the one through my webhost OK, the spam originated through Gmail.

I have not had a problem with reporting Gmail to Gmail spam before, is this something new?


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The 10.x.x.x address is a "private" address used only within the Google network. Spamcop cannot "see" into this network because it is not publicly allocated. Looks like your message came from within Google and was delivered within Google and never traversed the public network.

You can report it to Google directly.

-- rick

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