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[Resolved] No reporting address found for

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Tracking details

Display data:

"whois[at]whois.arin.net" (Getting contact from whois.arin.net )

Found AbuseEmail in whois search-apnic-not-arin[at]apnic.net -[at]apnic.net

Routing details for

I refuse to bother search-apnic-not-arin[at]apnic.net.

Using search-apnic-not-arin#apnic.net[at]devnull.spamcop.net for statistical tracking.

Using last resort contacts search-apnic-not-arin#apnic.net[at]devnull.spamcop.net

% APNIC found the following authoritative answer from: whois.apnic.net

% [whois.apnic.net node-5]
% Whois data copyright terms	http://www.apnic.net/db/dbcopyright.html

inetnum: -
descr:		  Telstra Internet
descr:		  Locked Bag 5744
descr:		  Canberra
descr:		  ACT 2601
country:		AU
admin-c:		TIAR-AP
tech-c:		 TIAR-AP
remarks:		----------
remarks:		All reports regarding spam or security breaches
remarks:		should be reported to abuse[at]telstra.net
remarks:		----------
mnt-by:		 APNIC-HM
mnt-lower:	  MAINT-AU-TIAR-AP
changed:		hostmaster[at]arin.net 20010614
changed:		hm-changed[at]apnic.net 20030731
changed:		hm-changed[at]apnic.net 20030806
changed:		hm-changed[at]apnic.net 20041214
source:		 APNIC

person:		 Telstra Internet Address Registry
address:		Telstra Internet
address:		Locked Bag 5744
address:		Canberra
address:		ACT 2601
country:		AU
phone:		  +61 3 9815 5923
e-mail:		 addressing[at]telstra.net
nic-hdl:		TIAR-AP
remarks:		Telstra Internet Address Registry Role Object
mnt-by:		 MAINT-AU-TIAR-AP
changed:		nobody[at]aunic.net 19951128
changed:		aunic-transfer[at]apnic.net 20010523
changed:		aunic-transfer[at]apnic.net 20020115
changed:		Kushnil[at]apnic.net 20020813
changed:		hm-changed[at]apnic.net 20050310
source:		 APNIC

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