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Frustrated about Spamvertised urls still up and running


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SpamCop just sends reports to the hosts, few of which take action unless such coincides with their interests and priorities. Maybe you should look at Complainterator and/or KnujOn, both of which concentrate on aspects of the spam website side of spamdom. They won't make the problem go away but they are increasing (or at least maintaining) the costs and consequences to spammers. That's probably more important than ever these days when other anti-spam measures decrease message spamming effectiveness.

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Perennially, SpamCop seems to be more effective against the sources of spam (i.e., mail host IP addresses) than against the websites, DNS, etc. that the spammers use. This is because the SC block list is used by many mail services to detect incoming spam, and it pays a provider to keep his mail hosts off that list if he wants his paying customers' legit mail to go through unmolested.

The same isn't true of websites because there is far less consequence to the provider for hosting an occasional bad egg (or maybe whole crates of bad eggs at a time). Once SpamCop sends a message to a host provider, it is up to that provider to take action, something that many of these folks simply don't do.

That's OK, I'll still send my reports, knowing that at least _I_ have done my part. I choose not to get emotionally invested in trying to get ignorant, incompetent, or even corrupt host providers to do theirs.

I send my reports on to KnujOn when I can; although these don't always result in "kills," I do like the constant pressure that these guys keep applying to providers, registrars, etc. They are the poopers at every party they attend. They are among the few who keep trying to remind the rest of us how rife with criminal and negligent activity the internet naming and numbering process has become.

-- rick

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