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I just paid and I can't login

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I do a lot of e-commerce and have never made this big a mistake before. I must not have recorded the password that I used to create my account, because I can't log in for the first time. Since I can't log in for the first time, I need to request a refund for the Paypal transaction?

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It appears I was simply impatient, as I can log into webmail now.

What is the outgoing mail server for my spamcop email account? I'm changing subjects without creating a new thread.

Okay, it appears I can send mail from my cesmail.net account only from the web client.

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It would make a difference if the smtp server were specified in the instructions for setiing up email.

If that server is ever considered out of beta, I would also hope that change would be made. For now, the information needed is in the link I provided:

SMTP server: smtp.cesmail.net

SMTP port: 25 (default) or 587 if your ISP blocks port 25

SMTP authentication must be enabled. Use your regular spamcop.net username and password you always use.

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