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ROKSO admin now SpamCop contact?


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A spam I reported to SpamCop recently titled 'Sneaky Golf Tricks' generated an admin. reporting address of 'thegrapekiwi[at]gmail.com'.

If you Google this you will find a 'hit' on the Spamhaus ROKSO list.

SpamCop admins have been notified; I have not heard from them yet. Guessing they are up to armpits with aligators re: IPV6 install.

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That sounds alarming. The Whois-RWS list of network addresses for which that abuse address is likely to be found can be seen at:

http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/ADAMB/nets - a link from the record cited by ROKSO

(Live link disabled here, I'm sure arin.net has more than enough backlinks, but will work if copied and pasted into a browser URI window, something I learned from spammers.)

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