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Whitelist and mailing lists

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Which mail headers does the whitelist check against?

SpamAssassin is giving the messages in a current conversation thread on a SourceForge mailing list a high score because they mention a filename "configure.ac", which also happens to be a domain on the URIBL blacklist.

I added "lists.sourceforge.net" to the whitelist, but the messages still are not whitelisted.

The messages contain lists.sourceforge.net in the following headers:

Return-Path: <basilisk-devel-bounces[at]lists.sourceforge.net>
Received: from lists.sourceforge.net [...] (multiple headers)
To: Discussions related to the development of Basilisk II
X-BeenThere: basilisk-devel[at]lists.sourceforge.net
Reply-to: Discussions related to the development of Basilisk II
List-Id: Discussions related to the development of Basilisk II
List-Post: <mailto:basilisk-devel[at]lists.sourceforge.net>
List-Help: <mailto:basilisk-devel-request[at]lists.sourceforge.net?subject=help>
List-Subscribe: <https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/basilisk-devel>,
Errors-to: basilisk-devel-bounces[at]lists.sourceforge.net

What does it take to whitelist a message from a mailing list?

Update: I'm still interesting in knowing which headers it checks, but the immediate problem is solved: I had entered the whitelist as ists.sourceforge.net, not lists. Not sure why it didn't work anyway, since it is supposed to scan right to left.

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