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No reporting addresses found for

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[refresh/show] Cached whois for : ipadmin[at]sifycorp.com

abuse[at]sify.com bounces (99 sent : 99 bounces)

Using best contacts

No reporting addresses found for, using devnull for tracking.


$ whois -h whois.abuse.net sifycorp.com

customercare[at]sify.com (for sifycorp.com)

abuse[at]satyam.net.in (for sifycorp.com)

customercare[at]satyam.net.in (for sifycorp.com)

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This has been discussed elsewhere - which is why the customercare/satyam.net.in addresses were suggested there and above ex abuse.net, but I'm supposing a similar problem might exist with those addresses. Just guessing but maybe sify in its several guises simply doesn't want to hear from SC. Users don't know at this point.

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