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RIPE: No reporting addresses found for

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inetnum: -

netname: ELOGIC-NET

descr: Elogic S.r.l.

descr: Via Paolo Nanni Costa,30

descr: I-40133 Bologna(BO)

country: IT

admin-c: FR9-RIPE

tech-c: FR9-RIPE


notify: registry[at]inet.it

mnt-by: INET-NOC

mnt-lower: INET-NOC

changed: rs[at]inet.it 20040702

source: RIPE

person: Francesco Russo

address: Via P. Nanni Costa 30

address: I-40133 Bologna

address: Italy

phone: +39 051 3145600

fax-no: +39 051 3145699

e-mail: f.russo[at]elogic.it

nic-hdl: FR9-RIPE

changed: ap[at]dsnet.it 20000530

changed: g.puccetti[at]dsnet.it 20001222

changed: ap[at]dsnet.it 20010919

source: RIPE


descr: I.NET Customer Nets block

origin: AS3313

remarks: 4nd block released to it.inet local registry.

notify: noc[at]inet.it

mnt-by: INET-NOC

changed: ilario[at]inet.it 20000911

source: RIPE

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