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Differenciating between blacklist and blocked


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I haven't blacklisted anyone on my personal blacklist yet... but if I do... is there a visual difference between people I blacklist and the spamcop blacklist?

Here is why I ask. Everyday, I go through my held mail to see if there is any mail that is not spam that has been trapped in my held mail. Anything that is not spam gets whitelisted. But if I started blacklisting people, would they show up in my held mail? If my personal blacklist became very large it would take a lot of thought to separate people on my blacklist with non spam items that were trapped in my held mail. Does the blacklist get held or blocked in in a different area?


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I have not used that feature myself, but my understanding is that the personal blacklist would be directed to the Held Mail folder. It would probably have a X-SpamCop-Disposition: indicating why it was held.

You could create a filter to discard or moved any messages that matched that field but that only works when you were logged into webmail.

Personally, I have a personal blacklist at work consisting of one address for a small operation that keeps getting through. I originally spoke to this individual and explained the benefits of confirmed opt-in. He whitelisted me (and the entire company) for a while but I am on his list again, so I report him each time.

Since the blacklist only only works on email addresses, there are not many people who repeatedly send me messages that I never want to see. spam usually forges the address so the sender is rarely the same.

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