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Tracking message source:

Routing details for

[refresh/show] Cached whois for : system[at]genesis.gs

Using last resort contacts system[at]genesis.gs

system[at]genesis.gs bounces (15 sent : 9 bounces)

Using system#genesis.gs[at]devnull.spamcop.net for statistical tracking.

genesis.gs =

http://genesis.gs/ is redirected to http://77.vc/

77.vc =

77.vc is using e-mail address "p-info[at]genesis.gs"

See: http://77.vc/company/


a. [Network Number]
b. [Network Name]			   DR-NET
g. [Organization]			   DigiRock, Inc.
m. [Administrative Contact]	 KH9600JP
n. [Technical Contact]		  KH9600JP
p. [Nameserver]				 ns1.value-domain.com
p. [Nameserver]				 ns2.value-domain.com
[Assigned Date]				 2007/05/18
[Return Date]				   
[Last Update]				   2007/05/18 14:59:13(JST)


a. [Network Number]
b. [Network Name]			   SAKURA-NET
g. [Organization]			   SAKURA Internet Inc.
m. [Administrative Contact]	 KT749JP
n. [Technical Contact]		  KW419JP
p. [Nameserver]				 ns1.dns.ne.jp
p. [Nameserver]				 ns2.dns.ne.jp
[Assigned Date]				 2011/04/07
[Return Date]				   
[Last Update]				   2011/04/07 21:26:02(JST)

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