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[Resolved] burlypower.com Found a Bulletproof Server?


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I've been getting spam for months from these people. Each time it seemed from a new webhost.

Today I processed another:


I know this ISP's abuse address:level3[at]admin.spamcop.net

ISP does not wish to receive reports regarding http://www.burlypower.com/ - no date available

This is a chronic spam-advertized site. Am I missing something?


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I am not sure what Level3 has to do with that block, they are a peer but so so are eight other providers.

The entity ultimately responsible for is FortressITX. As your parse shows, the abuse address of record, abuse[at]fortressitx.com, has responded to sc by bouncing 99 times.

Rest assured the source IP is still recorded by sc.

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