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Natural disaster scams


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Natural disaster scams always follow any loss of life and significant property damage in any country whose government "we" don't currently dislike. Don't see any specific warnings, but here is the latest one I received (Philippines floods):


Incidentally, the sender chose his routing carefully but, even so, the single report SC sent had a result:

Dear Sir or Madam

Many thanks for the information you sent us.

Our staff has investigated your complaint and checked your data. There are several indications that your complaint is well-grounded.

Therefore, we have initiated further steps to eliminate its cause. Due to organizational and legal reasons, however, we cannot state any further details. Thanks for your understanding.


Kind regards

Abuse Desk

### german ###

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

vielen Dank für die eingesendeten Informationen.

Unsere Mitarbeiter sind Ihrer Abuse-Beschwerde nachgegangen und haben Ihre Angaben geprüft. Mehrere Indizien sprechen dafür, dass Ihre Beschwerde begründet ist.

Wir haben daher weitere Schritte in die Wege geleitet, um die Ursache zu beseitigen. Bitte haben Sie Verständnis dafür, dass es uns aus organisatorischen und rechtlichen Gründen nicht möglich ist, weitere Details zu dem Verfahren offen zu legen.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ihr Abuse-Desk

These are amongst the most despicable of frauds and good to see a provider putting in the effort accordingly.

This scambook blog discusses the general case and some of the variations on the theme and offers sage advice to the tender-hearted. Alas, I'm not one of those, "Ah! as the heart grows older/It will come to such sights colder ..." as the poet said - but surely, even so, one day some clever trickster will push the right buttons. We're all vulnerable and need to balance "... these last strands of man/In me ..." against that hard-earned/developing critical/analytical ability to sniff the scammer's fingerprints and work. Unfortunately the real charities themselves sometimes don't help, perhaps they're so full of goodness they forget the lurking badness, anyway some have/lapse into woeful processes that might easily be mimicked.

Go carefully.

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