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[Resolved] How to add abuse addresses?


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Background: A lot of spam that I receive to my non-GMX addresses contain links to addresses in the gmx.com domain for contact and/or 'unsubscription' purposes. For example, a recent piece of spam asked me to reply to bestpagerank[at]gmx.com rather than the 'reply-to' address (no-reply[at]address.com) to avail myself of spammy's SEO services. Spamcop didn't offer to send a LART to an appropriate abuse address for gmx.com and all recipient addresses of the SC LART were devnull'd.

I know that GMX (aka 1&1) will take action if they receive sufficient reports of abuse of a gmx.com account as they've told me they closed down an address that was used as contact address for spam sent to my GMX account. Unfortunately, when I tried sending a LART directly to support[at]gmx.com, my ISP refused the message because it contained spam (i.e. the sample I was trying to sent to GMX as evidence) and have been somewhat tardy in dealing with my request to allow spam samples through when sent to specified abuse addresses.

So I need another vector via which to send LARTs and hence wonder whether I can add an abuse address appropriate to a mailto link on which SC hasn't picked up to the list of recipients to which SC sends a LART?

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...wonder whether I can add an abuse address appropriate to a mailto link on which SC hasn't picked up to the list of recipients to which SC sends a LART?
Hi Geoff,

Well, yes, of course, if you are a paying member or received the recent $15 fuel from CISCO it is there and waiting. Doesn't apply to VER from SC e-mail accounts or "Quick" reporting. Not sure about the process for integrated SC e-mail and reporting accounts but there must be the same reporting member webpage as discussed hereunder in the mix there somewhere.

When you review a submission prior to sending reports (using "submit.YourCodeBits[at]spam.spamcop.net" spam e-mail submission OR - I guess in your case - paste-in submission from the member reporting webpage) you should be seeing, after the SC reporting action and before the "Additional notes (optional - max 2000 characters):" box and [send Ð…pam Report(s) Now] [Preview Reports] [Cancel] buttons, another report option

Re: User Notification (Notes)


You can enter an abuse e-mail address there and follow the (Notes) link to include a justification to the recipient ("Address such-and-such is a drop-box for this spam" or whatever).

To get an abuse address for an e-mail provider from SpamCop you only need to open another tab in your browser, bring up another instance of your member reporting page and, from the Report Ð…pam tab, just paste in that address (ignoring the "Report Now" link which refers to the pending report in the other tab). Take the result back to the other tab, paste it to your User Notification address (and add the appropriate Note) and hit [send Ð…pam Report(s) Now].

You, no doubt, know why SC doesn't offer to LART e-mail addresses - others reading here may not, so for their benefit: it is because the e-mail addresses in the headers are almost always forged and innocent, the O/P is talking about a situation where an e-mail address is an actual, integral part of the spam, usually given in the body of the spam text or a reply-to: nominated for response within the body of the spam.

And, there is another way, but not as convenient for this purpose because it involves going in to your Preferences tab on your members page and altering your Report Handling Options - the "Public standard report recipients". Like is says Public standard, meaning every time you send a report whatever is current in there receives a copy so it is more intended to feed the US Fair Trading Commission database or similar purpose.

If you don't have the one-off free fuel in your (free) reporting account but want to add User Notifications I'm thinking USD 15.00 to "add fuel" would be good investment.


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Many thanks Steve for the help. TBH I hadn't noticed the User Notification option in the web form (or, more likely, hadn't realised its purpose). Hopefully, it'll avoid the need to pester my ISP's support team again. Again, thanks.


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