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[Resolved] Outlook 2010 with Spamcop

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I have been using Spamcop for quite a while with Outlook Express on Windows 2000 and then later on Windows XP.

Whenever I would receive emails on Outlook Express, these emails would be automatically removed from my Inbox on Spamcop.

I have now changed PCs and have moved on to Windows 7, along with Office 2010. However, even though I receive emails in Outlook 2010, the emails in my Spamcop Inbox stay there. I then need to go back and delete them from my Spamcop Inbox..

Is there something that I need to update in Outlook 2010, or in Spamcop for these emails to be automatically removed after having been downloaded from Spamcop?

Any insight would be appreciated!

Thank you,

Normand :)

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